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What's New In WeOpportunity

What’s New in WeOpportunity?



Welcome to the new WeOpportunity!  WeSuite has completely rewritten WeOpportunity for greater Sales Mobility in HTML5.  We have provided enhanced features and functionality as part of our commitment to advance WeSuite's line of products. WeOpportunity is browser based and therefore available for use with laptops, tablets (i.e. Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy, the iPad, etc.), and even your smart phone. We are excited to provide this official release version to your and your organization and look forward to your feedback.


WeSuite is providing free “What’s New in WeOpportunity” webinars to help you and your Users get to know the New WeOpportunity better.  Find webinar dates, times and registration information on our website:  Register now to save the date and hold your place!


Announcements: WeSuite has been hard at work creating a brand new WeSuite website with scheduled publication mid-January.  Watch for our new layout, new pages – including one for Events and another for the WeSuite Knowledge Base & Client Support.  Also, new WeOpportunity, QuoteAnywhere and WeEstimate videos!!


“Wait for it….” – further down in this document, is information on the WeSuite Google Calendar/Contact & MS Outlook Exchange Calendar/Contact Automated Sync Serviceavailable now.  Don’t get so excited that you skip all the good info in between…wait for it!


WeSuite has also created an integration to SedonaOffice and QuickBooks in WeOpportunity!  See screen shots and examples below.


The New WeOpportunity…

Browsers: WeOpportunity is a browser based software program. This means that your users will be able to use WeOpportunity any time they have an internet connection and the Software will always be “update to date”, no downloading at the User level.  Finding the best browser for your organization, when using WeOpportunity, is partially “personal preference”, partially based on our experience, and what we are hearing from Users.  Different browsers may have different “quirks” exhibited from time-to-time that are not controllable from the Software.  The browsers we hear in use most often, and those our own Users use with primarily positive results are: Google Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer.  Not in any particular order. 


Tip: Vanity URLs: Registering a “vanity” URL for use with WeOpportunity (and QuoteAnywhere) is a recommended Best Practice.  Please contact your internet service provider to register a vanity URL.


Tip: Creating a WeSuite icon for IOS Device Users – for those using Apple products, there is an application that will enable you to create an icon for WeSuite.  Let us know and we will be happy to send you a WeSuite icon as well!


New: Dashboard:  WeSuite has created a new Dashboard screen with functionality for both WeOpportunity and QuoteAnywhere Users.  The primary purpose of the Dashboard is to provide quick glance reporting.  The additions to the Dashboard are noted below.  Users have control to set data to show within certain report windows for specific amounts of time (i.e. Number of hours or days) in My Settings.  If you are not using QuoteAnywhere, there are certain function windows that will not be used.  Those include: the Appointments Waiting window and Create New Customer window.  The left hand tool bar also will include only the areas of the Software the User has access to.  For setting User rights within WeOpportunity see System, Groups, Group Rights, User Rights.


Changing the Dashboard Layout: to locate the report/functionality boxes on the Dashboard in the layout order preferred, drag and drop each box to the location desired.  Select the Expand All, Contract All and Save Order buttons to save. 


Tip: Graphs/Functionality Boxes can be expanded or contracted at any time by clicking the + or – buttons on each Graph/Function Box.


Dashboard: My Tasks – At the Dashboard, see upcoming scheduled Tasks and appointments at eh My Tasks window.  Set the number of hours ahead on your schedule to show at “My Tasks”.  Tasks are listed from newest to oldest. Use the scroll bar to scroll down/up to see upcoming calendar appointments/events (including MS Outlook and Google).  As events/appointments are completed, click on the “check” icon, click item Complete box, then click again on the “Check” icon to save.  Items checked as complete will be recorded Complete (vs Incomplete) at Total Tasks and removed from My Tasks as completed. 



Untouched Leads - Untouched Leads are those Leads/Opportunities that have had no status or event change.  These will show on the Dashboard upon sign in “X” days from the past in accordance with the setting selected by the User in My Settings.  This is beneficial as a quick reminder of Leads/Opportunities that require attention. 

Tip: Managers – check the box in My Settings Untouched Leads to show “My Employees”.  The untouched Leads/Opportunities for your employees will also be shown in this window.


My Opportunity Statistics – Review Lead & Opportunity statistics as they complie for the year from your Dashboard.  See Lead totals and Lead to Sold ratio results from the WeOpportunity Dashboard.  For comparison to the URG or other reports, please note:  numbers reported here are based on the lead creation date.  Totals in the Lead to Sold Ration include the total of: Leads, In Progress, RFQ, On-Hold, No Sales and Sold.  If you click on/hover over any of the columns, or pie chart areas on this report, the total number for each “stage” will show.


My Settings: My Settings is located at the far upper right of the screen by clicking on the User Name.  In addition to changing your password, set the time frames for synching of Calendar events for Google Calendar and MS Office Outlook Exchange Server users. 

Tip: Quick Loading of Calendar Events: a range of 5 -15 days is typically advised for quicker loading of calendar events. To set the look ahead for My Tasks, the days to report any Untouched Leads, a view of My Opportunities, and to enable other Dashboard Settings for graphs and charts, go to My Settings and set the hours of days for each item.  At right hand side of the screen, hover over your login name and click on My Settings:



New Functionality: My Settings, Lead Management Refresh: Users can set the Lead Management Dashboard to Auto Refresh, meaning, the LM Dashboard will refresh automatically after a Lead assignment or stage change; or refresh when prompted, meaning to refresh the Dashboard, the User must select the “Refresh” button.  Tip: The auto refresh may take a little longer to refresh as the Lead list becomes longer.  Select the desired action in My Settings at Lead Management.


New Functionality: Messaging - Send messages from an Opportunity to an “outside” email address, a Shared Owner, Contact or Group.  Open an existing Opportunity, click on the ‘Send Message’ tab.  Enter individual email addresses, select from Shared Owners within WeOpportunity, Message Group names or your Contacts.  Create the message and select “Send”.  Messages sent from within WeOpportunity are logged and presented under the “History” tab.  You will not receive replies to messages within WeOpportunity.  Include your email address and you may reply from your external email system.


New: Create WeOpportunity Message Groups – to use Messaging to send messages to multiple people simultaneously, create Message Groups. Group Rights are required to enable Users to create Message Groups.  Set Group Rights at the System tab and enable Email Group under the System heading for the “groups” who should have the right to create Message Groups.


1)      Creating Message Groups: go to the Contact Screen.  Select the Message Groups tab.


2)      Using Message Groups: Message Groups can be used at Lead Center when setting an appointment, at Lead Management within an Opportunity for messaging a Message Group, or from the Global Calendar, when setting an appointment, it can be sent to a Message Group.


New Functionality: Lead Management, Existing Leads Tab & Add Notes without opening a Lead/Opportunity – In Lead Management, when creating a New Opportunity, enter the Customer name you to verify its existence in the database.  If existing:

1)      Click on the Customer Name - the Existing Leads Tab will appear and if there are existing Leads/Opportunites for that Customer Name, the total count for that Customer entity will show.  Click on the Existing Leads Tab and the Leads/Opportunities will appear including all Stages.  Click on any Opportunity and a summary will appear on the right side of the screen.  You can open the Opportunity and work on it directly, or add notes to the Opportunity with opening it.  Add notes in the Notes box below and then click the “Add” button.

2)      Click on the Site address – the Existing Leads Tab will appear and if there are existing Leads/Opportunites for that Customer Name, the total count for that Customer entity will show.  Click on the Existing Leads Tab and the Leads/Opportunities will appear including all Stages.  Click on any Opportunity and a summary will appear on the right side of the screen.  You can open the Opportunity and work on it directly, or add notes to the Opportunity with opening it.  Add notes in the Notes box below and then click the “Add” button.


Tip: Notes are a great way to communicate important information in a Lead/Opportunity at any sales Stage, including Post Sale.  Notes can be added when a customer or prospect calls, if an out bound call is made, a strategic event or plan is being deployed for a sale, for follow up calls, and after sale reminders.  Remember to also set reminder events in an Opportunity by opening the Opportunity and setting a new Task or event at the Opportunity Calendar.

New: MS Outlook & Google Calendar & Contact Automated Sync Services - WeOpportunity offers use of the WeSuite Automated Sync Service for Google Calendar & Contacts and Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contact sync.  The Automated Sync Service will run in the background based on the settings applied by your company to the Sync Service.  User calendars will update at Lead Center Appointment tab, Lead Management within each Opportunity, and at Global Calendar. 

At Lead Management, when opening an existing Lead/Opportunity, events/appointments scheduled in MS Outlook or Google Calendar will appear on the Opportunity Calendar in both the line itemed Task area and at the Opportunity Calendar below. 


Tip: Scheduling a Task/Event - when scheduling a new Task within an Opportunity, Users may find it easier to double click on the day/time on the Opportunity Calendar.  A window will pop open to enable setting the Task and saving it at the Opportunity Calendar. 


Tip: Where will I see scheduled Tasks/Events? Any Tasks checked to be “scheduled” will appear on the Global Calendar with the Opportunity ID and ability to open and edit the Opportunity from the Global Calendar.  Scheduled events/appointments will also automatically show on Google or MS Outlook calendars.


Tip: Deleting or Updating events/appointments from Google or MS Outlook Calendars – when an event/appointment is deleted or updated at the Google or MS Outlook calendar, it will automatically be deleted/updated within WeOpportunity.  If deleted/updated within WeOpportunity, it will automatically be deleted/updated at the Google/MS Outlook calendar.


For those who have My Employee management or sharing rights, Users can check the name(s) of other Users to synchronize their calendars as well.


Tips: Automated Sync Service

1)      For MS Outlook, Exchange Server 2010 or higher is recommended.  2007 with specific patches may be acceptable as well.  WeSuite recommends testing of patches with the sync service.

2)      User Login Name and Password is required to be set and saved within the User Configuration for each User in System, User Configuration.

3)      Users will be able to update their MS Outlook / Google sync passwords in the next Release version of WeOpportunity from MySettings.

WeSuite will coordinate with your IT department to configure the Automated Sync Service with your server and Users. 


New Functionality: Lead Center – Setting Appointments using Automated Sync Service - When setting an appointment in a new Lead for an Office and/or Sales Person: at the Appointment tab, first select the Office the Lead will be assigned to, then the specific User name(s) the lead may be assigned to.  To save loading time for the Automated Sync Service, the Appointment calendar will default to the current week.  Selection of a specific name or names to pass the Lead to will decrease loading time (vs loading the calendar for all Users in the specified office). 



Tip: Calendar Management If not using the WeSuite Automated Sync Service for Google or MS Outlook, a best practice is to use one tool and its calendar as the base calendar for all Users.  For instance, making the Global Calendar in WeOpportunity the primary calendar.  All Users creating their calendar events from within WeOpportunity so that a person assigning Appointments, or checking to see when a sales person is available, uses the Global Calendar.  In Lead Center, at the Appointments tab in a new Lead, appointments scheduled by Users within WeOpportunity will show.  WeOpportunity will check to confirm that a selected User is available at the indicated time.  If that User is assigned the selected Appointment, the User will no longer be available at that time and date for another Lead.


Tip: Lead Management: Setting Appointments or Scheduling Events in an Opportunity: When scheduling an appointment or event in Lead Management, you are scheduling within a Lead or Opportunity.  Appointments can be scheduled for specific Opportunities.  Open an Opportunity, click on the Appointment tab within the Opportunity Information screen.  Make an appointment by either, “Adding a Task” and specifying the date/time, task, etc. and “Update”, or, at the Opportunity Calendar, double click on a date and create an appointment for a date/time. 


New Functionality: Global Schedule Automated Synchronization Google MS Outlook Calendars – New functionality will auto synchronize the User’s calendar events from their Google or MS Outlook calendar.  To see the events of others at the My Employees area, check either the Office level, in which case all Users in that Office are automatically checked, or click on the arrowhead at the Office level and then check the names of the Users whose calendar events are to be included on the Global Schedule.  The automated synch should show the selected Users calendars.  Manually click the “Synchronize Appointments” button as you’d like to refresh the screen.

Tip: By default the logged in User’s Tasks will be included at the Global Calendar.  Uncheck this box to deselect and not include that User’s appointments on the Global Schedule.

New Functionality: Global Schedule Outlook/Google Calendar Events VS WeOpportunity Events: Appointments created from Outlook or Google Calendars will automatically show on the Global Schedule and are identified by a note indicating “Outlook” or “Google” on the event.  Those created in WeOpportunty will not include the label for Outlook or Google.  The “owner’s” initials will be included at the item level. Hover over any appointment/event and a window will pop to show a summary including the Opportunity Owner’s full name, associated Task, Start and End Date and Time of the event.  If the appointment was created in WeOpportunity and is associated with an Opportunity (meaning it was created at Lead Center as an appointment with the Lead, or at the Task Tab within an Opportunity), it will include the Opportunity ID and the icon of a Pencil.  Click the pencil icon to open the Lead/Opportunity.  For events/appointments created in Outlook or Google, the Opportunity label will show as Personal or Business as set by the Owner when creating the event.

New Functionality: Global Schedule Timeline View: view the calendar as a timeline by selecting the Timeline button.

Reminders: the Global Schedule View can also be set as a Grid View.  Drop down the “Calendar View” and select “Grid View”. 


New Functionality: Global Schedule Setting Appointments: Settingappointments from within the Global Schedule is easy. Appointments set at the Global Schedule are not specific to any Opportunity however, will show as scheduled time within any Lead/Opportunity.  Double click on the day to set the appointment, an Appointment window will open.  Indicated the Location and select the start and end times for the Appointment.  If needed, set Recurring appointment (see New Recurring Appointment feature description) or leave default at “Never” if this is a onetime event. Provide the event Description.  Select a color category, if desired; Priority and Task Type.  Schedule Type will be either Business or Personal.  Attendees will include all names selected prior to setting the appointment (i.e. Office or individual Users).

Tip: Show Business Hours: Global Schedule, Lead Center & Lead Management Calendars: the system will default to the 24 hour calendar per day for any calendars within WeOpportunity.  (WeSuite has no control of this view at this time.)  To switch to a Business Hours view, select the Business Hours button on the Calendar screen. 

New: Recurring Appointments Lead Center, Lead Management or Global Calendar – When creating a new Lead in Lead Center, when managing a Lead/Opportunity in Lead Management or from Global Calendar, Recurring Appointments can be created.  To create a Recurring Appointment:

1)      Double click on the desired start date, set the start and end time for the appointment or meeting.

2)      Select the interval to “Repeat” the meeting from the drop down (see screen shot below). 

3)      At “Repeat every:” confirm the number of times or weeks to repeat the meeting.

4)      At “Repeat on:” select the day of the week by checking the box in front, or to left of the abbreviated day of the week.

5)      At “End” select the radio button for either “After” a specific number of occurrences (you set the number of occurrences) or, to end on a specific end date (you set the date). 

6)      Set remaining information and select “Save”.


New: Lead Center & Lead Management – SedonaOffice/QuickBooks Customer & Contact Integration: WeOpportunity is now integrated with accounting databases such as SedonaOffice and QuickBooks when searching on Customer entity names and Contact names.  After the database search, existing results are shown.  Any items that are “black and white” are only in the WeSuite database.  Those that are highlighted or underlined in “Green” are directly from the accounting database and those in “Orange” are linked and in both databases.


Change: Lead Center & Lead Management – Notes New Tab: the Notes area is now a separate tab.  Click on the Notes Tab to add notes to a Lead or Opportunity.  (See Screen Shot below).


Change/Update: Lead Center Pass Lead Button: the Pass button is now called the “Pass Lead” button in the Lead Center.  To make it more visible, it has been highlighted in bold and colored green.


Change: Lead Center “Close” Button changed to “Exit”: the Close button has been renamed to “EXIT” (see Screen Shot above).  When selected a pop up message has been added indicated that you are about to EXIT without recording the Lead information, followed by the opportunity to Ok the Exit or Cancel.


Change/Update: System Description now “Job Title”: for consistency with WeEstimate, the System Description area is re-labeled to “Job Title”.  The Job Title will appear at the Job 1 (Job Level) under the BIN in WeEstimate after an Opportunity stage is changed to “RFQ” (Request for Quote) and saved.


Change/Update: Lead Management Search Filters Re-Labeled: - the “Duration” and “Date Range” and “Filter” areas have been renamed to “Date Range” and “Filter By” as shown below:


New: Lead Management – Open Last Lead Button Added: click the Open Last Lead button to open the last lead. (See screen shot above)


New: Lead Management – Filters for Finding Existing Leads: (see screen shot above) Enter a Customer Name, Lead ID number, address into the Search Window, use the Date Range drop down to select “All”, “Last Week”, “Two Weeks Ago”, set a Date Range; use the Filter By to filter for My Opportunities, My Employees (opportunities), Leads to be Assigned or All.  Click on the magnifying glass icon to complete the search.  Results will appear below.  Stage of each resulting Opportunity is also noted.


New: Lead Management – RFQ Stage – can continue to set Appointments & Notes: after setting a Lead/Opportunity to RFQ stage, you can now continue to work the Opportunity, add notes, set appointments and tasks.


New: Lead Management – My Opportunities – Created Dates: the created date has been added to existing Opportunities in each stage under My Opportunities.


New: WeOpportunity URG – Universal Report Added Filters for Report Data: Additional filters have been added at the Universal Report Grid in WeOpportunity to enable more granular presentation of report data when creating reports and Named Views.  The filters selected will cause the Summary URG view to sort accordingly.  (See sorting on the Detailed URG View below).

New: WeOpportunity URG - Setting Named Views & Creating Default View – to create and save Named Views at the WeOpportunity URG:

1)      Set and select Filters for Dates, Year, Filter On, Regions/Offices/Users to include; Stages and Grid or Chart view.

2)      Click “Add View”

3)      A message box will pop:

4)      Name the View & Check the box to make this the Default View, if desired.  If you do not want this view to be the Default View, leave the box unchecked.

5)      Check the “Execute After Saving” box for the report to execute after selecting the Save button.

6)      Select “Save” to save the view or “Cancel” to cancel this action.


New WeOpportunity URG – Sorting & Saving Views – Detail Area of URG: Data at the Detail area of the URG (Lower part of Screen) can be sorted and saved to Named Views as follows:

1)      Drag Data Columns from left to right across the top of the data grid.

2)      Drag specific Data Columns into the sort area and data will be sorted accordingly.  Multiple columns can be dragged/dropped to create more detailed sorts.

3)      Move up to the Named View window (upper portion of the screen) and select “Update View” for the correct named view.

4)      Sorted Data Columns will save with the Named Views.  Next time a Named View is selected, the filters, data column position and sorting will complete automatically.



New: WeOpportunity URG – Added Data Columns: to enhance reporting and report views, the following columns of data have been added to the WeOpportunity URG.

WeEstimate Bin Number – “Job Number” added – the column will include only the primary BIN number.  Copies of jobs in the same BIN within WeEstimate will not update to the WeOpportunity URG.

Last Note Column added

Appointment Set Column added


New: WeOpportunity URG – Data Column On/Off & Sorting of Data: At the Detail area of the URG (Lower portion of screen), data columns can be sorted in ascending/descending order.  Also, specific columns can be turned off/on for specific reports and saved with the Named Report Views.


New: WeOpportunity URG – User Rights: At System, rights for the WeOpportunity URG can be set for different Groups.  User Rights for the WeOpportunity URG now include:

URG Access – ability to access the URG on the page panel

Export to Excel – the right to export URG information to Excel

My Employees – the ability to access URG information of other Users managed by this User.

WeOpportunity URG – ability to access the WeOpportunity URG

WeEstimate URG – ability to access the WeEstimate URG from WeOpportunity


URG Functionality: The Summary Area of the URG provides Summary Data sortable by week, month, Quarter, Year and date range – as set in the URG “Filter” area above.  At the Summary area it is easy to further sort data by simply dragging and dropping data columns.


Tip: Export to Excel is a User Right within Group Rights


New: Reports Functionality: Report data at the Report screen within WeOpportunity is based on Lead Creation Date.  To ensure data numbers match data in the URG, set the URG filter for data for “Creation Date” of Leads. Added Report Functionality includes:

User Rights for viewing Reports.

User Rights for Printing and Exporting Reports to Excel.

Ability to specify Regions, Offices, Users.

Ability to run reports by Week, Month, Quarter, Annual and Date Range.

Ability to preview reports prior to printing.

Update: Email Templates: the email template is sent when a Lead is passed from Lead Center, or Lead Management, or after naming a Shared Owner.  

                Lead Creation and Time are noted under Lead Passed by Name

                Notes: all notes added prior to passing of Lead or Shared Owner will show at Notes area


New: WeEstimate URG is available in WeOpportunity!! – Enable ability to see the WeEstimate URG in System, Group Rights, URG.




New: Email Groups – enables the User the right to configure Message Groups within WeOpportunity.

New: Group – the ability to create Groups within WeOpportunity (are not seen/used in WeEstimate) for creation of Group Rights for WeOpportunity.

New: Show Social Media – to show Social Media information windows at Customers and Contacts and enable addition/editing of social media links at Customer and Contact records.

New: Group Rights - Lead Management – Existing Leads: to enable Users to see Existing Leads for Customers (total customer roll up) or at Site level (for specific Site addresses) in Lead Management after selecting a Customer name at the New Opportunity tab.  If Existing Leads exist, the Existing Lead tab will turn “orange” and include a number of total Leads/Opportunities.  Click on the Existing Leads tab to see Existing Leads in all stages.  Click on a Lead/Opportunity to see more information, select the “open” button to open the Lead, or to add notes without opening the Lead.


Update: Office Settings & User Settings - Zip Codes: Within each Office and at each User’s configuration, you can set zip codes or zip code ranges that Office and/or each User handles for new Leads.  When a Lead is being assigned/passed in Lead Center, the assignor can sort by Offices or sales people handling the zip code/zip code range.

Screen shot below shows use of Zip Codes in Lead Center:

Update: User Settings - Strengths: Within each Office and at each User’s configuration, you can set product and service strengths for the Office and/or User.  When a Lead is assigned/passed at Lead Center, the assignor can assign the Lead according to an Office or User’s product & service strengths.


New: System, Office Settings - Default Country: a default country setting can be set for each Office.


Change/Update:  “System Description” changed to Job Title – for consistency between WeOpportunity and WeEstimate.

Change/Update: System – Offices, Users Collapsed: now default is shown as collapsed list.

Change/Update: System – User Settings – Account Enabled Box Relocated: the account enabled box has been relocated to the User information area.  The “Verify & Save” button at User Login area is only for saving new and password information.

Bugs Fixes:
Office Settings – Multiple Managers per Office: More than one person can be set as Manager of any Office.  Selection can include Users from different Offices.

Fixed: RFQ to WeEstimate – when an Opportunity is set to “RFQ” stage and saved to create estimate in WeEstimate, the owner of the Opportunity owns the estimate in WeEstimate. 

Fixed: System, Office/User Settings – Deactivated Users: the icon showing deactivated Users is now showing.  “X” shows deactivated Users.

Fixed: Lead Status of Sold & RFQ Only cannot be changed.

Fixed: Email Template - Prospect name showing as a number rather than Customer name.  Prospect entity name now showing properly.

Fixed: Required Fields at Contacts – required fields now showing according to settings in each location where new Contact may be added.

Fixed: Required Fields Message showing when fields not required.

Fixed: For Users who do not manage or share with other Users, they will see only their reports at the Reports screen.



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